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Funds at the Foundation

To download a complete list of funds administered at the Foundation please click here.


Union County High School Band Fund
Stephen Brack Memorial Fund for the Arts
George A & Crystal English Coughlin Fund
Union County Historical Society Fund
Rose Hyde Metamora Art Fund
Union County Library Fund
J. Louis Stanley Museum Maintenance Fund
Husted Railroad History Research Fund
Union County History Research Fund
Treaty Line Transportation Fund


Liberty Beautification Fund
College Corner Fund
Kaufman Family Fund
Glade Montgomery Tree Fund
UC Parks and Recreation Board Fund


Operating Endowment
Operating Fund


Beard Library Fund
UC Council on Aging & Aged Fund
UC Schools Fund
Wilbur & Geneva Curry Schools Fund
Opal Pierson UC Cancer Fund
Cancer Transport Fund
Nan Cory Student Support Services Fund
Dunlapsville Cemetery Association Fund
Easter Seals Fund for the Disabled
Eleanor Frasur West Point Cemetery Fund
John Pierson Union County Heart Fund
Luerman St. Vincent DePaul Conf. Fund
Luerman St. Bridget Good Samaritan Fund
Annis K. Olsen Fund for Battered Women
Talbert Family Designated Fund
West Point Cemetery Association Fund


Community Unrestricted Funds
Community Impact Unrestricted Fund
Woodruff Family Unrestricted Fund
Bath State Bank Unrestricted Fund
Maxwell & Dorothy Bertch Family Community Endowment Fund
Eunice E. Dare Unrestricted Fund
First Merchants Bank Unrestricted Fund
Miles Family Unrestricted Fund
J’s Dairy Inn Unrestricted Fund

Other General Philanthropy Funds
Phyllis Howard Family Advised Fund
Bias Family Fund
Blackwell Family Fund
Liming Memorial Fund
Liberty Lions Club Fund
Optimist Club Fund
Paul Family Fund
Redinger Community Improvement Fund


Heck Fund for St. Andrew Catholic Church
College Corner Presbyterian Church Fund
Presbyterian Church Fund-Liberty
Claire Z. Richmond Fund for Edwards Mem.
R. Wewe and G. Wewe Memorial Fund


UC Foundation Adult Scholarship Fund
Union County Alumni Scholarship Fund
Avalon Memorial Scholarship for Zora Allstatter
Begley Memorial Adult Scholarship Fund
Jamie Blacker Memorial Scholarship Fund
Sandra Howe Blackwell Scholarship Fund
Karen Blank Memorial Scholarship Fund
Norbert Bleill Renewable Scholarship Fund
Stephen A. Brack Memorial Fund
Bridenhager Renewable Scholarship Fund
Jill E. Butterfield Scholarship Fund
Eric Buttery Memorial Scholarship Fund
Caldwell Family Fund and Scholarship Fund
Dr. C.G. Clarkson Medical Sch’ship Fund
Sgt. Clarkston Memorial Scholarship Fund
Short HS Class of 1972 Scholarship Fund
UCHS Class of 1981 Scholarship Fund
UCHS Class of 1988 Scholarship Fund
Cummins Scholarship Fund
Bryan D. Gause Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gesell Adult Scholarship Fund
Brandenburg Girls Bball Scholarship Fund
Troy W. Gulley Scholarship Fund
J. Chris Haas Memorial Scholarship Fund
Richard E. Hart IU East Scholarship Fund
Hays Early Childhood Ed Scholarship Fund
Community Care Head Start Sch’ship Fund
Laney Herrin Scholarship Fund
Husted Business Scholarship Fund
Johnson IVY Tech Scholarship Fund
Kelly Rae Kirkpatrick Scholarship Fund
Knollman Ag/FFA Scholarship Fund
Liberty Elementary Student Activity Fund
Mary Dunbar McClure Scholarship Fund
McCullough-Hyde-UC Education Fund
McWilliams Renewable Scholarship Fund
Brent Myers Trucking-FFA Sch’ship Fund
Otto Family Scholarship Fund
Joseph A. and Alpha Omega Sawyer Fund
Union County Schools Fund
Ethel Sharp Memorial Scholarship Fund
Chambers Tractor Club Scholarship Fund
Wyatt Treadway Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dr. Jerry Turner Scholarship Fund
Megan Vonderheide Mem Scholarship Fund
Johnny Welborn Achievement Award Fund
Wharton – Williams Scholarship Fund
Widdows Excellence in Music Schol Fund
Sara (Sally) Wright Zirkle Memorial Fund


4-H Association Fund
Ayla Lou’s Butterflies Fund
Norman Johnson Boy Scout Fund
Kid’s Fund
Union County Little League Fund (Husted)
Kevin Hughes Trust Fund For Basketball and Football

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