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The first annual EPIC AWARDS night will take place on September 2, 2022. We are very excited to recognize extraordinary volunteers and champions in our community.


We need to hear from YOU! 
Who has made a huge impact in your organization? 
Who should be celebrated for their years of service and volunteering? 
Who is a steadfast supporter of good causes? 

Check out the nomination categories below and praise away! Your submissions are unlimited! Deadline for nominations is July 22, 2022!


We welcome as many nominations as you would like to make!

Awarded to the organizers of an annual event, one-off project or campaign which has been particularly successful in engaging with the local community and whose participants have demonstrated great teamwork.

NOMINATE HEREhttps://forms.gle/6Q2iT16cbUhJr3qn7

The BSR recognizes and celebrates outstanding involvement of a for profit company and its team directly in charitable, voluntary or community projects. One award will go to a small business and one award will go to a corporate business. 

NOMINATE HEREhttps://forms.gle/iU1hHYFLs2JWmbXn9

The Innovation Award recognizes innovative ways of work and service that benefit a portion of or community at large. This could include any of the following that has had significant social impact: a new partnership, new project or program, new approach, new inventive ways of filling gaps and voids or capturing opportunities or operating outside of the normal remit of a charitable or community organization. This can be awarded to an individual or team.

NOMINATE HEREhttps://forms.gle/Q5nVgbfFHy4bVyqh9

Most volunteers are there because they have a big heart and lots of love. They lend an attentive ear to others, show up for extra shifts, and serve for entire weekends. The recipient of the Biggest Heart award is almost always available to help. They are kind, considerate, compassionate and don’t hesitate to land a hand.  Ready to give to others, they are only a phone call away.

NOMINATE HEREhttps://forms.gle/1WikrnVAfJWzEo5q6

Similarly to an individual with a great heart, there are groups/organizations that are willing to show up and step up – time and time again. They truly make our community “go around”. 

NOMINATE HEREhttps://forms.gle/1WikrnVAfJWzEo5q6 

This person is a volunteer who not only sits on a board, but goes above and beyond the Board member job description. They put in countless hours of work that often go undocumented, but not unnoticed. They must be currently sitting on a board, as well as demonstrate leadership, service, and undeniable contributions to their organization.

NOMINATE HEREhttps://forms.gle/UYvwdEnHxxDrZYEi6

This is awarded posthumously to a member of the community that had been an exemplary volunteer but has passed away in the last 3 years or so. This award recognizes their lifetime of service, commitment, and contributions to the community. Throughout their lifetime this person made giving back to their community a priority. This award will be presented to a family member in the recipient’s memory.

NOMINATE HEREhttps://forms.gle/hXKB2CFGKCQam5dHA

The recipient of this award is a public elected official within the community. This individual not only does a great job serving in their respective position but also goes beyond their duty, working on improving our community. Whether that is giving their time, fundraising, etc. Practicing ethics in all situations, leading by example and continuing to look for ways to better the lives of our residents: they back up their words with action, fulfilling the duties of their title.

NOMINATE HEREhttps://forms.gle/pCJwLJK8bpgqXY2M7

This is a member of the community who is 18 years old or younger. They value volunteer work as well as service to their community. This can range anywhere from raising money for charity, or putting in countless service hours to impact the community. This is an exemplary youth who prioritizes giving back to their community in any way possible.

NOMINATE HERE: https://forms.gle/USFNASh4wm8ZbUwQ7

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